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6 Selfies. Because I’m worth it.

And because it’s a thing and I was tagged…

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six selfies of 2k14 ~ all of these are from moments where i actually felt good about myself this year!

thanks for tagging me blackbeanbanshee :)

i’m not tagging anyone specifically but if you’re looking for a sign to do this, this is it!






Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

Im fuckin furious 

I’m reblogging this because I know it’s going to destroy some of you. :P

OH. My God. GTFO of here. 


three instances of this gifset were on my dash at once, each with different infuriated reblogs below it

but I agree siR YOU MUST STOP








And the more I think about it, the more real it becomes. Mulan spends virtually the whole movie concealing her sex, but projecting her physical and mental prowess all while having to listen to locker-room talk that depicts women as subservient and passive (most prevalent in all the musical numbers) – and for the audience, this is a great source of humor and dramatic irony. What resolves this irony in the end is that Mulan leads the effort that defeats the Huns and saves the emperor and China; therefore, she overcomes gender stereotypes and proves the worth of women in a society that demeans their existence to nothing more than child-bearing and domestic servitude.

Or rather, this might resolve the irony if she accepted the importance and validity of her actions. But instead, Mulan declines the emperor’s offer for her to live in the palace and consult with him in making significant military decisions; she opts to return to her domestic lifestyle because she’s “been away from home long enough.” She’s had her fill of adventure and showing her capabilities, now it’s time to go home where she can return to normalcy and forget her vocational hiatus. When Mulan sees her father at home, he lovingly welcomes her back into the family; she gives him the only tokens she has of her deeds as if to say, “Here, daddy, take my sword and medal – I don’t need them anymore considering the fact that I’m done playing dress-up and am ready to take my rightful place in society. And, after all, you’re the patriarch; it’s only right that I hand over my symbols of dominance to you!”

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“When Mulan sees her father at home, he lovingly welcomes her back into the family; she gives him the only tokens she has of her deeds as if to say, “
Here, daddy, take my sword and medal – I don’t need them anymore considering the fact that I’m done playing dress-up and am ready to take my rightful place in society. And, after all, you’re the patriarch; it’s only right that I hand over my symbols of dominance to you!””

Aaaand this is what you get when you view asian myths and characters from a western perspective. Filial piety and respect becomes submission and deference. Throwing us under the bus and saying we’re weak because they don’t understand our culture. Smh.

Don’t make our stories about something they’re not. Mulan was never meant to be your girl power, stickin’ it to the world, white feminist hero and I don’t appreciate such liberties being taken with her.

#hah remember when white feminists were all over mako mori because they didn’t get the concept of filial piety?#yeah

Ugh yeah I get pissed off by that. And the thing is, that this kind of display of filial piety is SO FAR REMOVED from ‘submissive femininity’, because it’s usually the son’s role.

white feminism is so annoying uggggggh

Um?? Mulan does accept the validity of her actions: she takes back the tokens — the sword and the medal — home to bring honor and glory to the family name. Which is something that someone mentioned above, typically the duty of a son.

Also, like, it would actually be out of character if she stayed with the emperor at the end because that’s not filial piety. And Mulan is nothing if not the ultimate story of filial piety, and filial piety does not mean deference and submissiveness. It’s love, respect, and honor to the parents. It’s appreciating them for bringing you into this world and raising you and respecting them. 

Like, in the beginning, she wants to be a good bride because she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents and family. She goes to war because she wants to save her father’s life. She declines the emperor’s offer and goes home because she misses her parents and doesn’t want to worry and upset them more. You’re completely misreading the ending scene if you think it’s her being submissive: it’s not ‘daughter giving symbols of her deeds of valor and worth to patriarch’. It’s ‘daughter gives symbols of her filial piety to father’. Also it’s her father acknowledging her deeds and saying that he’s so proud of her and loves her. And he doesn’t really care that she saved China. He’s touched that she risked her life to save his. 

In essence —- FUCK WHITE FEMINISM AND THEIR WESTERN LENSES ON ASIAN CULTURE. Stop shitting on Mulan and saying it isn’t feminist or revolutionary just because you don’t understand it. 

Also, my fellow Asian feminists should watch the opera version of Mulan because it’s riddled with a bunch of awesome symbols and it’s super feminist and revolutionary and beautiful and I 10/10 recommend. You can find it on Youtube I think. I remember looking up Mulan Ge Zai Xi when I was 13 and watching it in its entirety and being in complete awe. 


My response when people tell me what I’m studying in school


So, I see this kind of thing a lot:

  • Wow, I can’t believe I used to like that
  • I was such a loser when I was 13
  • What was WRONG with me
  • I just found some of my writing from the 90s. How embarrassing. 

And here’s what I always want to say when people say things like that: You didn’t suck then. Your old writing is nothing to be ashamed of. Your youth is nothing to be ashamed of.

You were a person, and you were younger and knew less than you do now. That’s a good thing. It means you’re still learning.

But your younger self was worthy. Good. Deserves respect. And so do other young people who are similarly young and inexperienced, and who similarly have a lot to learn.


"oh my GOd there are TWO gay characters in this movie lets watch it"

"dude dude dude we have to see it it has a queer girl

"I heard this movie has non-sexualized female character”

"ok I know it only has one girl but she is written like an ACTUAL PERSON!!"


"so its not canon but if you squint I think this character is asexual”

"and get this the gay character is actually not white


six selfies meme ft all never before seen pics! including 2 VERY OLD ones


six favorite selfies :) 

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We go forward.

Snowpiercer (2014) - Certified Fresh at 94%

"'Just because I got an Emmy nomination doesn't mean the lives of trans people aren't in peril every day.'"

— Laverne Cox (via angerisbeautiful-79)

cuz we KNOW there’s gonna be waaaay too many people patting themselves on the back saying “ok the trans issue is solved we did a good job” because laverne cox got nominated like NOOOOO there are still are still trans people that need to be supported listened to loved and defended. there is still a culture of transphobia and transmisogyny that needs to be dismantled. work to be done. (via wocinsolidarity)


smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.



I don’t know how your day is going, but you deserve to let this Ugandan children give you life.


Hey I'm Sammy, a femme, white, cis, straight feminist. This blog is a collection of the things that I like (beware - I like a lot of things and am not spoiler free).

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